Magnus Dahlgren – Scrum Master and aspiring Agile Coach

Magnus Dahlgren – Scrum Master and aspiring Agile Coach

Q: So, who is Magnus Dahlgren?

A: I’m a Scrum Master (CSP) based in London. I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, but have spent the last nine years here in the UK.

Ever since I ran my first agile project back in 2007, I have been seriously hooked. As a strong believer in self-organising agile teams, I see my role a facilitator, helping the team and their Product Owner to find the ways of working that enables them to deliver the most value in the shortest time. And — let’s not forget — while having fun!

My experience

  • BBC, London and Manchester, UK (2010 – present). I love working for a company so many people care so passionately about! I’ve had the pleasure to work with several different teams around the corporation and am currently in the iPlayer Radio team.
  • Ominor, London, UK (2007 – 2010), London, UK. In this e-commerce agency, I started out as a scrum master and ended up as the product owner.
  • Pilotfish Networks, Gothenburg, Sweden (2004 – 2007). My first real job was as a Java developer before becoming a project manager and gaining my Certified Scrum Master in 2007.

About this blog

I use this blog to share some of my experiences and thoughts about agile. In 2017, my intention is to post a blog post every week, covering topics I feel passionately about.

Needless to say, the opinions expressed on this blog are mine and do not represent the views of my employer.

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